If you are a fan of K-drama, then you must watch this popular show on Amazon Prime Video. See full list.

Terrius Behind is a 32 episode series, which depicts the story of a widowed woman.

Terius Behind Me

Train To Busan is a Korean film, which you can watch in Hindi on Amazon Prime. The story of zombies is shown in this film.

Train To Busan

Somewhere in Stranger is based between a policeman and a lawyer. In this show, the lawyer will be seen to bring justice to the serial killer.


My Id Is Gangnam Beauty show is available on Amazon Prime Video. This shows the reality of Korea, where the beauty of a woman is everything.

My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

Flower of Evil is the story of such a couple, between whom everything is very good. But there are some such secrets between them, which they hide from each other.

Flower Of Evil

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Heart Surgeons As the name suggests, this show is based on heart surgeons.This show is available on Amazon Mini TV.

Heart Surgeons

In this series of 16 episodes The Beauty Inside, the story of such an actress has been shown one who finds a person who likes people not by their outer beauty but by their inner beauty.

The Beauty Inside

The Sky Castle series is based on the life of the high class people of South Korea. 20 episodes will be seen in this show.

Sky Castle

The Goblin is the story of a man who is sentenced to death for treason. However, he is born again and waits for the bride who will free him from immortality.


100 Days My Prince is the story of a prince who suffers from amnesia.

100 Days My Prince

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