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Must Watch Movies dubbed in hindi on Netflix 

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Must Watch Movies,

Movies which have action, comedy, drama, mind bending science fiction and all these movies are available in Hindi dubbed. There are such movies on Netflix that you will not even realise that the weekend will pass by while watching them. And all these are Must Watch Movies.

1. Edge Of Tomorrow (Must Watch Movies)

Let’s start the list with a genre that everyone loves, from small to big, action movies. That too is a picture which is considered one of the best action movies of the last decade. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s “Edge of Tomorrow”, the co-writer of the movie is Christopher Mosquarie, who has since released four consecutive Mission Impossible dates. Is of.

must watch movies on netflix

Aliens have attacked the Earth and have taken over more than half of Europe. Humans are fighting wearing suits but there is little hope of them winning, so the responsibility of saving the whole world is on Tom and Emily.

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2. Get Out 

Such a movie which you remember before sleeping at night and after watching it, you feel scared of the dark, but this is not a horror movie, no ghost will come inside it and scare you, the name of the movie is “Get Out”. We are not going to tell you anything about its story because the less you know, the more fun it will be to watch the film.

netflix must watch movies

But one thing can be definitely said that the performance of Daniel, the male lead of the picture, is very excellent and its sound design is very scary.

3. Extraction

Chris Hemsworth, whom you might know as Thor, is the main hero of the film and when the Extraction reel was released, it was a big hit for Netflix because once the action of the film starts, it never stops. Not much, there is a single take of 12 minutes in which the director of the movie has tied himself to the bonnet of the car and is also recording in it.

must watch movies hollywood,

The movie will also see famous Indian faces like Randeep Hooda in action and Pankaj Tripathi as a gangster. Part 2 of Extraction has also been released and within it there is a single long take of 21 minutes which feels like a complete action movie in itself.

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4. Heart Of Stone 

Now you have to watch a movie which has Wonder Woman in the lead, how about 2 Wonder Women? He is also a Protagonist and Antagonist. The story of “Heart of Stone” is that there is a device named Heart which controls the entire world. If we use this heart, then there is a charter which is a secret spy agency, it has many agents, one of which is Stone by Gal Gadot.

must watch movies on amazon prime

This is Alia Bhatt’s first Hollywood movie in which she is playing the role of a villain and she steals the heart of the secret agency. The rest of the picture is a fun action movie.

5. Red Notice 

If you want a lot of fun where the chemistry between the lead characters is enough to make a picture, then watch “Red Notice” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. All three want a golden egg. Not only is the person being beaten with fists but the other person is also being roasted with words.

must watch movies of all time,

The trio’s personalities are The Rock, Ryan, Mr. Reynolds and Cheeks. There is no need to have any tension while watching a movie because we have to relax. And if your aim is enjoyment then Red Notice.

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