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Best Hollywood Thriller Drama Movies available on Youtube 

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Thriller Drama Movies

Today we are going to share with you Hollywood made thriller drama movies which you will easily get on YouTube. Today you can get to know the names of many new Hollywood movies and if you have not seen these movies yet, then watch them soon before they get deleted.

1. Thriller Drama Movies “Killer Book Club”

So the first number is “Killer Book Club”. This is a horror film made in 2022, in which we get to see the story of eight friends who love horror things. But in such a situation, all these friends share secrets with each other, but in such a situation, a big twist comes in the story when a person wearing a mask starts killing all these friends one by one.

best thriller drama movies,

And along with this, that person knows the secrets of all these friends. In such a situation, such twists and turns come in the subsequent story. How will all these friends save their lives? We are going to see this story further in this movie.

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2. Office Uprising 

Along with this, “Office Uprising” comes in second place in the list. This is a horror comedy film made in 2018, in which we get to see the story of a boy who works in a weapons company. In such a situation, the boy comes to know that there was an energy drink inside his office which was consumed by his co-workers.

action thriller drama movies

After which they have now turned into zombies and have killed many people. Now in such a situation, it will be interesting to see in the story how the people who are still alive inside that office try to escape from those zombies. It is a very amazing film which will give you a lot of fun and laughter while watching it.

3. Meander

“Meander” comes at the third place in the list. This is a horror science fiction film made in 2020 which has got a very good IMDB rating of 5.4. Now we are saying this because the concepts of this movie are very interesting, so in this movie we get to see the story of a girl named Lisa, who is caught by some people and put in a tube. And there are many traps inside that tube.

thriller drama movies bollywood,

In such a situation, Lisa does not know and keeps moving forward inside the tube. Now in such a situation, will Lisa be able to get out of the tube till the end or not and who are the people who made this tube and what is their objective? You will have to watch this movie to know the same story.

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4. Overdose

Next comes “Overdose”. The concepts of this movie are quite good. As we will see in the movie, the story of Sara and Richard who are actually police officers and both of them belong to different countries. Now both of them have the same objective: to catch a very dangerous drug addict.

thriller drama movies hollywood,

So will these people be able to catch that drug lord by the end of the movie or not? We will see this story in this movie. This can be a very good picture for you, so you must watch it, it would be good if you don’t miss it.

5. Mortal Kombat 

A very good picture was released in 2021 which is our last movie for today. People liked all the action shown in that movie very much and the name of the movie is “Mortal Combat” and this movie has got a rating of 6.1 from IMDB. In this movie, we get to see the story of an MMA fighter named Cole Young.

good thriller drama movies

That fighter is chosen by a very amazing team so that he can fight for his cause. Because later Cole had come to know that some fighters from the other side of the Earth, i.e. from a different world, were going to come to fight for our Earth. So in such a situation, we will see the story of how Cole and the rest of his team fight that team in this movie.

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