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Hollywood Best Super Unique Concept Movies 

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Unique Concept Movies,

During this article, we are going to share with you some such movies in which you will get to see very unique concepts. When you are watching any of these movies, you will also wonder what might have come to the creator’s mind to come up with such a concept. So similar movies are going to be covered in this article.

1. Unique Concept Movies “The Wandering Earth”

So the name of today’s first movie is “The Wandering Earth”. This movie came in 2019. Now if you know the concept of this movie, you will know how unique the concept of this movie is. The story is set in the future, where our sun has started deteriorating, its energy has started depleting and the solar system in which we are living is no longer habitable. Is.

best unique concept movies,

So, all the great scientists, what these people do is that they install different thrusters inside their entire Earth and try to remove their entire Earth from orbit and take it to another solar system where it is habitable for humans. Can get the best environment. So what is the journey they are traveling during this movie? What difficulties do they have to face? All this is shown to us in this movie. You will get to watch this movie on Netflix.

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2. The Platform 

Now let’s move towards the next movie and the name of this movie is “The Platform”. This movie also came in 2019. Now a very unique jail is shown inside this movie, you must have seen jails all over the world, they are made of different types, but the jail shown inside this movie is shown vertically.

Super Unique Concept Movies,

Inside which all the prisoners are living, it is inside the high cell, there is a square shaped hole in the middle. Now what is the function of that hole? Now inside that vertical cell, there is a very big table which is going from top to bottom on which the entire food is arranged. So as soon as the platform reaches its cell, it will stop there and take a time of two minutes. All the prisoners can eat there within two minutes and after that they will not be allowed to eat there.

Then that platform comes down and goes to the cell below and the platform keeps moving in the same way. Now the thing to think about is that the platform at the top will get the most food and the cell at the bottom will get the least food. So all the prisoners there start fighting for their survival. Now what is the struggle of these people and how do they try to survive in it? You can find out by watching the movie on Netflix.

3. What Happened To Monday 

Moving towards the next movie, whose name is “What Happened to Monday”, this movie was released in 2017. Now a lot of unique concepts can be seen in this movie and there is a high possibility that we will get to see it in the future. The story of this movie is set in a distant future in which the world’s population is the highest it has ever been.

Best Super Unique Concept Movies,

Every government in the world imposes a one child policy. Meaning, no one in the entire world can produce more than one child. Now after the implementation of this policy, there is a family in which seven children are born and all seven are girls and the faces of all seven are also similar.

So their families keep the girls’ names after the days of the week, like one girl’s name is Monday, the other’s name is Tuesday and so on. And the girl can go out only on the day when it is her day i.e. if it is Monday, then only the girl with name Monday can come out. And the rest will remain at home. Due to which the government could not know that these were different girls but it would appear to be the same to everyone.

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The story is going on normally but the twist comes when one of the girls goes missing. No one knows where the girl has gone and her family starts suspecting that perhaps the government has found out that the girl is not the same girl but different girls. Now to know what other girls do in such a situation, you will have to watch this movie which you can watch on the platform Prime Video.

4. Downsizing 

Let’s move towards the next movie and this movie has been sold on its concepts because the concept of the movie is really unique. The name of the movie is “Downsizing”. This movie was released in 2017. Now in this movie it is shown that the population is increasing all over the world. Now scientists have found a way that if the population of humans is reduced i.e. their size is reduced then the life of humans will become much easier.

So during this movie itself, we are shown a couple who thinks that they should downsize their size so that they can live the life of small people. So this couple goes to get themselves downsized. Then what happens to them? How life progresses, how their life turns out, all this is shown to you during this movie. If you want to watch this movie then you can watch it on Prime Video.

5. Upside Down 

Now moving towards our last movie, whose name is “Upside Down”, this movie was released in 2012. This movie in itself is a love story movie but the concept and the world shown in this movie is very unique. Now it is shown that there is a boy named Adam and a girl named Eden. .

Both of them meet each other in their teenage life and start loving each other. With time both grow up and their feelings increase but the unique thing is that both belong to different planets. In this movie, we have been shown two planets which are rotating with each other and both the planets have different gravity and are different worlds. One planet is shown very poor and the other is shown rich.

And it is also not possible that a person from one planet can stay on another planet for long. So amidst all this, you will have to watch this movie to know how the love story of Adam and Eden progresses. It is a very unique movie. But this movie is not available on any OTT, so you will have to watch it with the help of the internet.

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