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Best Hotstar movies available in hindi free

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Many types of movies are uploaded on Hotstar but today we will cover the best Hotstar movies which you will get to watch in Hindi. The story, thrill, action and concept of these movies are amazing which you should definitely try once. And to not miss information about such interesting movies, subscribe to the page.

Best Hotstar movie “Bala”


Number one “Bala” This film depicts the story of a young man who becomes bald in his youth and because of his baldness, he feels embarrassed in the society. He tries many remedies to remove his baldness but to no avail. Bala is a very funny film based on beauty standards.

Best Hotstar movie “Life Of Pi”

Next is “Life of Pi“. The film tells the story of PI Patel who is stranded on a small boat in the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger. Life of Pi is a film full of survival and adventure, you get to see very beautiful visuals in the film.

Life Of Pi

In this film, Suraj Sharma played the role of Jawan and Irrfan Khan played the role of PI Patel. So the same Tabu and Adil Hussain are playing the role of PI’s parents.

Best Hotstar movie “Vikram”


Next is “Vikram“, it would not be wrong to call this film made by Lokesh Kanagaraj the best action thriller film of 2022. This film revolves around three people, one of whom is a drug dealer, one is a police officer and one is also an elderly drug addict. The story of the film is quite interesting which will keep you engaged till the end.

Best Hotstar movie “A Thursday”

A Thursday

Next is “A Thursday“, this is a Hotstar crime drama film in which Naina Jaiswal, a teacher in a nursery school, takes sixteen children in her own school as hostages and wants to fulfil some of her demands in exchange for releasing those children. . If you want to watch Hostage Drama Thriller film in your free time then this film will be best for you.

Best Hotstar movie “Jungle Cruise”

Best Hotstar movies,
Jungle Cruise

Last is “Jungle Cruise“. This film is about a scientist, his brother and a boat captain who are in search of a tree named Life Tree. This is a tree whose flowers remove the curse but there are other people behind that tree who want that tree at any cost. So who reaches that tree first, you will have to see in the film.



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