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Amazon Prime best movies 2023 in hindi 

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Amazon Prime best movies 2023,

Hollywood’s hidden gem movies have been dubbed on Prime Video, about which Indians are not even aware. So we will talk about the top best available on Amazon Prime which will give you shock, surprise and satisfaction.

Amazon Prime best movies 2023 “Good Luck To You Leo Grande”

A retired school teacher wants adventure and sex in her cold life. Now for this she books a room and hires a sex worker and to know what happens after that, this is a comedy drama which was released in 2023 and its name is “Good Luck to You Leo Grande“.

Good Luck To You Leo Grande

Don’t go into the movie thinking about sex because there are long conversations inside the movie. Oscar Winning Emma Thompson’s God Level Acting Her Those Embarrassing Questions. Throughout the movie, both the actors are talking to each other for one and a half hour and there are also sexual scenes creating some embarrassing situations, but despite that you will not get bored because its writing is very mature.

Amazon Prime best movies 2023 “Piggy”

Overweight teenager Piggy is bullied by three girls and at the same time something terrible happens to those three girls which will give you goosebumps and perhaps you will not be able to finish the entire movie. Horror thriller “Piggy” crossing the level of cold and brutality.


If your level of horror has crossed and now you want more brutality, then there are such scenes in this movie which will have such a deep impact on your mind. On top of that, Piggy who is giving such a dangerous performance physically, seeing this, your mind will wander. The only problem is that the movie meanders in the second half and it doesn’t know what it wants to say, hence its length.

Amazon Prime best movies 2023 “Scream : Part 6” 

Recently, four survivors escape from the Coast Face but they will not be able to escape so easily, he will come back and will torture them all in an even more brutal manner. Next up is the horror thriller “Scream: Part 6“. If you are a fan of the screen franchise in which a call comes and then the death of that character is confirmed.

Scream : Part 6

So there is a thumbnail of that movie and all the characters are overacting. Sometimes logic seems lost in the process of creating horror, but if you don’t mind all this then it is a must watch for you because this time the movie can increase your heartbeat with its experiential end-of-the-scene, brutality scene. There is a lot of romance in the movie.

Amazon Prime best movies 2023 “Host”

Six friends come together on Zoom to summon the spirits of dead people for a lockdown adventure. It seems like an adventure in the beginning, but what happens to them later cannot be seen by those with a weak heart. Next is the horror mystery “Host“, from start to end the entire movie is on the screen but not even a single percent gets bored because the movie does not pass the time unnecessarily, it comes straight to the point and brings twists and turns along with it.


And the level of these twists and turns increases as the movie comes to the end. But if you want to see something unique and different in just an hour long movie and this mystery, how can it be stopped that whatever is happening supernaturally? Will they die, will they survive, what is going to happen in the end??

Amazon Prime best movies 2023 “Midnight”

A psycho killer who comes out at night with his van and especially kills women and that too with great fun. “Midnight“, released in 2022, this movie will enter your mind and disturb you for a long time, the reason for this is the many edges and the scene experience in the movie.


How a girl drives away a psycho killer and how this killer drives away the girl’s entire family. There’s a nonstop chase scene going on, people are answering it with stones and all this is happening in just one night. There is nothing sexual in the movie but there will be a lot of brutality in the movie, which is why it is for adults only.



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